Nils Mustelin welcomes you to

Genom att klicka på knappen kommer du till min svenskspråkiga meny och därifrån vidare till alla mina sidor på svenska. Välkommen!

Klikkaamalla nappia pääset suomenkieliselle valikolleni ja sen kautta kaikille suomenkielisille sivuilleni. Tervetuloa!

I am sorry, but as to texts in English I'm really in deep water! There is some technical information below, hidden under the surface of my pool, as well as apologies and acknowledgements. And if you click on the button you'll be taken to a page where I desperately try to explain, in English, why I am here...

If you have an adventurous mind, however, you are welcome to explore the worlds hidden behind the Swedish and Finnish language barriers!

Technical information and apologies

Equipment and settings

This website has been created by writing out all the HTML codes manually, letter by letter and tag by tag, without any technical aids or professional assistance. The individual pages have been tested and found acceptable with the following settings and equipment:

Screen size: 17"
Resolution: 800 x 600
Colour depth: 24 or 32 bpp
    – Internet Explorer 5.0 - 6.0
    – Netscape Navigator 4.0

The reader is kindly asked to view the pages with benevolent indulgence!

To frame or not to frame...

Most of my webpages consist of two frames. On the left side there is a fixed menu while the main content is displayed on the right side.

If your browser is of an old model not supporting frames, you may be able to find and view my right-side pages – but they will be distorted and you will be bothered by frequent notices of "script errors" (which are, however, not errors but rather features requiring the presence of the missing other frame).

My sincere apologies for not having created "frameless" pages for those using vintage browsers!

The importance of text size

Compare these two instances of my name:

Nils Mustelin

The upper one is unchangeable, the lower one reflects your browser's present setting of text size.

If the two are almost identical in size, my pages will probably look good on your screen. If not, I recommend you to change your text size setting until the two names match.


First, I would like to thank my German friend Stephan Roesler for having taken the above picture of me – without the virtual water surface! – during a meeting of the COST Committee of Senior Officials in the beautiful town of Lecce in southern Italy in June 1996.

Vielen Dank, Stephan!

The astonishing illusion of seeing my face mirrored in the surface of a lake (or swimming pool?) covered by ripples is achieved by using the "Lake Applet" created by David Griffiths.

Instructions for downloading this or other equally fascinating applets can be found in the Java section of the freeware website

Last but not least, I wish to thank our good family friend Riitta "Ruttu" Eskelinen for having translated most of my Swedish texts to idiomatic and beautiful Finnish – often within hours after having received them by e-mail together with a message to the effect that the matter is not very urgent...

Kiitos, Ruttu!

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